“So a song came across my inbox today that pretty much stopped me in my tracks. The chap's name is Danny Chait...” – Gregory Robson, Absolute Punk

Before Danny finished high school, he knew he wanted to pursue songwriting, producing, and performing. He went on to study at New York University and started playing gigs in Manhattan and the surrounding area.

“Headlining last Saturday’s show…was local native Danny Chait, putting on nothing short of a captivating performance…It was not only his ability to charm everyone with his quirky humor and casual conversations that made his set so memorable, but the way he delivered himself on heartbreaking songs like ‘Connect’…”

– Chris Miller, Turnstyle Music Group

In addition to his own music, Chait is currently a part of a variety of productions as a writer, producer, mixer, and being sought after for a number of performance opportunities.

“Chait has an innate ability to sound sincere without sounding saccharine…he hints at something truly exemplary…a way of conveying pain and vulnerability that hits at the fabric of what makes music listening so enjoyable.” – Gregory Robson, Absolute Punk

Danny is based in Brooklyn, NY.