Write up for the show at Lovecraft – Check it out!

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Thanks to Chris Miller of Turnstyle Music Group for the nice write up of the Lovecraft show. Check it out below or find the full article here.

“Headlining last Saturday’s show at Lovecraft was local native Danny Chait, putting on nothing short of a captivating performance. The venue, found in the basement of a beautiful horror-themed bar inspired by the literary work of H.P. Lovecraft, was a perfect fit for the intimate performance Danny was able to put on.

It was not only his ability to charm everyone with his quirky humor and casual conversations that made his set so memorable, but the way he delivered himself on heartbreaking songs like “Connect” where he passionately sang, “I’m tangled up inside and always feeling used / I tried so hard this time I don’t know what else to do / I can’t get back the years I spent with you.”

Even with the poetically dark and often troubled lyricism, everyone at the show including Danny himself were in good spirits. Many of those who showed up for Steve Owsinski also happily stuck around to talk to and listen to Danny. Getting to perform for a bunch of potential new fans is an exciting prospect and opportunity for any musician, and he nailed it every step of the night.

Listen to Danny Chait’s latest track “Unspun” on Soundcloud.”